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A Strategic, Next-Generation Marketing Agency

Oxiem is an interactively-inspired, integrated marketing agency which drives brand interactions that help create client success.Oxiem focuses on building brand experiences for companies large and small in areas like education, healthcare, service, industrial/manufacturing and the public sector through websites, search, social media and traditional marketing/communication channels.By focusing on brand experiences through websites, search, social media and traditional marketing/communication channels, Oxiem offers interactively-inspired ways to express brand benefits.

With offices in Columbus, Springfield, Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio, our team includes 20 full-time professionals and seven outside specialists who focus their unique marketing talents on orchestrating each element of effective marketing. This blend of services and capabilities maximizes pre-click and post-click web marketing effectiveness.

Oxiem is a web marketing agency and SEO company, dedicated to developing your brand and growing your business in this web-driven world.

Our History

Oxiem was founded in 2004 by Bill Sterzenbach and John Fimiani.

Oxiem is rooted in the belief that results and accountability are at the heart of all client service. We will always keep every client well-informed, and we will never try to trick any client into purchasing an unneeded service. We will always work to provide you with extensive reports and results, allowing you to be as involved in the decision-making process as you wish to be.

Creating Powerful Interactive Experiences

Today’s array of power-packed computers, tablets and smartphones offer the ultimate in flexibility and multimedia power to create stunning interactive experiences.

At Oxiem, we create invigorating brand experiences no matter how people find you. From web to video and mobile to social, we artfully blend all the elements of a unique customer engagement.

Our approach to web and interactive experiences brings together both stunning brand design and advanced technology. We call our approach "Websites That Think." Central to our philosophy is use of responsive design. This approach adapts websites to fit the device and browser type used by a viewer, whether a tablet, PC or smartphone. So they see things on their terms. We can also create a user experience that customizes content based on the keywords or originating domain from which a user enters your site. This makes for more conversion-rich site performance.

Smarter websites also mean bringing together your entire web presence. Oxiem can integrate social media feeds, news/highlight announcements, calendars, web video and interactive widgets.

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