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International Aviation Manufacturer Connects with Niche Target Audience

Aviation Search Marketing


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Fine-tuned search marketing strategy drives 26% organic traffic lift year-over-year

A multinational builder of rugged electronics and systems for commercial and military aircraft sought a search marketing program to drive more leads from its website. The search team at Upward transformed the well-established (and complex) site into an information-driven lead generator, yielding a 22% increase in download-related micro-conversions.

The client faced difficulties connecting with site visitors on more than one level. The massive, tricky site infrastructure compounded the fundamental challenges of delivering technically proficient (but still intelligible) content. No strategy would meet the client's needs without first meeting the diverse and complex needs of site visitors. Always true, but in this case a tall order for any team of content creators – especially external.

The Upward team of search marketers, researchers and content strategists took time to bear down and learn the intent of the client's visitors throughout the conversion funnel. But developing content for those intents made up just one piece of the plan – the information needed to be organized to promote a natural flow, accurately measure conversions and improve the user experience for both information seekers and prime leads.

Following the less glamorous but indispensable work of managing the site's technical hurdles, the search team composed a portfolio of target keywords relevant to driving both traffic and on-site conversions for the client. The selection, which might be child's play for smaller sites, needed to represent the client's full catalog of specialized products – not to mention the broad range of points in the buying process for the costly systems. These keywords were just the beginning of on-page optimization, but the search team’s experience in conversion rate optimization made swift improvements possible, not to mention well-informed.

After three years of continuous advancement and expanded breadth, the campaign has demonstrated continuously improved organic search performance for over 100 targeted keywords. On-page resources such as a full-fledged knowledge base, an all-new company blog and the client's first infographic reflect the particular needs of users at multiple points in the purchasing funnel.


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