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Upward Helps Consumer Brand Address Negative Reviews at the Source

Consumer Water Filtration


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Manual + training aim to improve overall customer service experience

In today’s world of online reviews and instant results, maintaining quality customer service practices can have a sizeable impact on a consumer’s decision to buy. For one consumer brand, a manufacturer of in-home water softeners and filters, addressing online reviews about negative customer service experiences became a necessity. Because this company’s products are sold at big box retail stores, like Home Depot, and require a do-it-yourself installation, customer calls are frequent.

In an effort to identify and address the main source of the negative online reviews, Upward took a deeper look into the reviews and the customer service experience as a whole. This included researching customer service processes, both in-house and industry-wide, to see what worked when it came to solving customers’ problems over the phone.

Equipped with this information, a training booklet was created to communicate the dos and don’ts of customer service, reinforce phone etiquette when talking with customers and sample scripts for customer service representatives to reference. The booklet was customized to include common customer complaints specific to the manufacturer and address experiences documented in both the online reviews and the research conducted by the Upward team.

Using the booklet, the manufacturer and Upward created and facilitated a customer service training program to bring to life the concepts and ideas presented in the training booklet. By establishing unique customer service standards, customer service representatives could then adjust their interactions with customers to properly answer questions or handle difficult situations.

After implementing the customer service training program and the training booklet, the manufacturer’s customer service experience has markedly improved. The continued success they’ve had with the program has also led them to further develop their marketing efforts targeted at customers who have purchased one of their water softeners or filters.

Sometimes addressing negative online reviews is about more than just putting together a reputation management campaign. There’s always a root source of customer frustration and, in this case, improving the overall customer experience with the manufacturer played a key role. Reading online reviews makes up a large part of the buying process for many consumers, so investing in a unified customer service approach continues to improve the process day after day.


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