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The Story of Us – A Brand Anthem Video

Dayton Metro Library


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Bringing the new Dayton Metro Library brand to life

After the Dayton Metro Library brand was built, it was crucial to bring the brand story to life, beyond the brandmark and brand identity elements. To breathe life into the brand, DML worked with Upward to create a brand anthem video that showcases its departure from being viewed as a “destination for books” to a “community resource and hub”—a more accurate and 21st century narrative.   


To truly depict the heart and soul of the Dayton Metro Library, there were eight segments of the library’s offerings to visually portray. Each segment makes up a piece of the Dayton Metro Library story and the new brand. Genealogy, technology, environment, socialization, service, creativity, media entertainment and outreach programs allow Dayton Metro Library to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to learn more about themselves and the world around them.


With all of these elements in mind, the Upward team began story boarding and brainstorming a video to visually represent all that Dayton Metro Library has to offer.

The resulting video takes the viewer on a journey through Dayton Metro Library and all around the Dayton community, beginning with one family’s quest to learn more about their family history and genealogy. Using the resources available at Dayton Metro Library, we watch as a multi-generational family dives deeper into their heritage, all without leaving the Dayton area.


Whether you’re in the library or accessing resources from home, Dayton Metro Library’s technology allows residents to utilize their resources from any location. The viewer is given a quick peek into the technological resources and support available to members of the Dayton community.


The library also offers spaces where it’s okay to be messy and bring out our creative side. With events like the spice demonstration shown in the video, Dayton Metro Library offers residents much more than “just books”. Also showing the versatility of the library, the video features outreach programs for children and seniors.


Diving into the world of a teenager, the library is all about media entertainment, and offering teens a space to grow and explore after school. With music mixing rooms and spaces dedicated to bringing teens together, Dayton Metro Library becomes a gathering place where big ideas and exciting projects begin to take shape.

To bring the updated branding into the story, each Dayton Metro Library staff member featured in the video wore a shirt reflecting one piece of the new brand colors. Closing out the video, five members of the staff reach onto the screen to put together the pieces that make up the new Dayton Metro Library logo.


The brand anthem video was first revealed to the staff, followed by a full rollout to the public via the Dayton Metro Library website, social media and TV commercials featuring each of the video segments. The Dayton community is embracing the new brand as it accurately depicts their message and the heart of the community. It is, after all, their story—the people of Dayton are the Dayton Metro Library brand.