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Juzo Transforms Social Media Presence in 1 Month



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Compression Garment Manufacturer Boosts Engagement 3,140% through Compassionate Storytelling

Juzo USA, a preeminent manufacturer of compression garments for conditions such as lymphedema, sought a more direct avenue to connect with end users. The Keep Moving Facebook campaign delivered just that – chances aplenty to connect with an outspoken new community of relevant users.

While breast cancer awareness may well be the most mobilized movement in America, awareness for lymphedema (which often arises as a complication of breast cancer) remains underserved. The marketing team at Juzo thought they could do something about that.

Creating A Social Community

The brand's modest social media following wasn't telling the whole story: the truly profound impact Juzo products had on customers' day-to-day lives, allowing them to continue doing the things they want to do, and taking part in moments that make their lives worth living. Juzo's personnel heard these success stories and praise every day through their nationwide network of dealers. But bringing that dialogue to life on Facebook, directly with consumers? That would be a whole different level of challenge.

Upward's Keep Moving concept stressed finding those naturally vocal customers and giving them voices. Though Juzo positioned itself as a compassionate expert about people living with lymphedema, it would ultimately be up to the users to share and spread their own stories of perseverance within their own networks. A high-risk approach to spurring engagement, Upward's content team recognized the potential for a huge payoff. A slow-burning teaser campaign and Juzo's generously sponsored prizes for the most inspirational submissions set the stage for a National Lymphedema Awareness Month of epic proportions.

With dynamic incoming traffic from remarketing ads, paid social media marketing and tons of original social content, Juzo's Facebook presence grew 260% in just a matter of weeks. Referral traffic to Juzo's website from Facebook doubled, and engagement on Facebook jumped from 250 actions all-time to 8,100 in the month of Keep Moving. Far more importantly, the Juzo page became a lymphedema community hub, support center, motivational resource – practically overnight.

The raw numbers, though impressive, don't do justice to the quality of engagement. A new batch of “likes” carries little weight when new followers show no stake in the page's activity. Juzo's followers continue to comment, share, communicate, and motivate each other to this very day, even without the provocation of the page's manager in many cases. The holy grail of social media management – not bad for a compression garment manufacturer.

Dealer of Choice

Suddenly, Juzo meant more than just a choice name brand for dealers to carry. Juzo came to represent advocacy for thousands of individual lymphedema sufferers everywhere. Juzo's fans repaid the favor by acknowledging the brand as worthy of passionate support. And the whole industry took notice. The brand built relationships with like-minded organizations and companies, who began to consider Juzo a “Page to Watch” and shared Keep Moving far and wide.

In a tight market with competitors constantly vying for position, Juzo established itself as the brand that supports, even believes in, its customers. In a sea of brands taking part in social media just because “it's what you do,” Juzo now stands out as a voice with something important to say.


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