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Ohio Manufacturer Generates Considerable New Business

Packaging Manufactuer


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Regional company creates $240,000 in attributed sales with comprehensive lead gen campaign

The VP of Sales at a large packaging manufacturer in Southwest Ohio sensed his sales pipeline had fallen short of its high potential. He turned to Upward, who had previously supplied traditional PR and trade marketing services, for advice on a web-focused approach. Together, their far-reaching search marketing campaign caused an 8.5% increase in overall leads through the first six months.

Aside from desiring direction in developing a search marketing program, the manufacturer had faced additional challenges – like closing the leads it actually did capture. Lead generation is tough to justify, after all, when you're losing up to 20% of leads in the sales funnel. The client's sales executives showed skepticism that ROI could be effectively assessed – and fairly so. How many leads can be expected? How many eventually translate to sales? And are they actually worth anything? All valid questions, especially without prior success producing solid leads from internet marketing.

Upward responded with a plan not just to generate leads, but also to monitor and measure them for iterative improvement. This included a set of concrete, 'very failable' monthly goals: capture 10 qualified leads by form, 30 more by tracked phone calls, and increase organic traffic 15% year over year. In niche industrial markets, 500 extra leads a year is a total game-changer.

While the strategy's focus stayed narrow – capture leads – its execution was anything but. The Upward search team culled 'the right visitors' from various media sources: content-driven organic traffic, robust paid search placements and referrals from local and industry-specific sites. A full-scale site rebuild, which the Upward interactive team executed, emphasized conversion and attribution above all else.

But contrary to what you'd find with run-of-the-mill search marketers, Upward distinguished itself after obtaining (unprecedented) leads. Through exhaustive call tracking and scoring every last lead and customer service response, the search team could gauge its own effectiveness in acquiring leads, as well as how effectively the client's personnel handled leads. The insights they gathered informed a detailed service improvement guide, which Upward designed for the client.

The Perfect Package

The campaign met the client's lead capture goals in the first month and its traffic goals within six months, and it's exceeded those goals in each month thereafter. The new site boasted a total traffic increase of 74% in its first four months. Armed with tailor-made lead handling tactics, the customer service team's close rate dramatically improved. Most critically, the campaign produced $240,000 in directly attributable sales to priceless repeat enterprise customers across the manufacturer's entire product range.

Moving forward, the manufacturer's investment in relevant, search-friendly content is poised to deliver a steady stream of valuable leads for years to come, and the client itself now has the tools and confidence to capitalize on each and every one of those leads. Thanks to what the client reported as enormous, provable sales, Upward continues to provide ongoing search marketing services for month-after-month advancement.


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