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Social Media and Public Relations

Create Meaningful Customer Connections.

Let Oxiem help you build your web presence and connect with more customers by creating an integrated social media and public relations program for your brand.

Trust is a two-way street. So creating a trusted relationship with customers and prospects takes a two-way relationship. Social media can help build connections with your audiences by sharing helpful information, providing useful resources, inviting feedback and creating a dialog. It can also connect customers to create a community of advocates.

Multi-media rich social media assets, such as through YouTube, Vimeo or Flickr, are often popular brand destination sites and can help to drive web traffic. Blogs are an effective way to share expertise, a point-of-view or guidance on a relevant issue. Oxiem social media campaigns artfully blend these communication channels. We can even stream social media feeds right onto your website in order to maximize the newsworthiness of this information.

Public Relations, whether online or through traditional media channels, is a credible way to communicate with prospects. Typical Oxiem social media campaigns deliver an ROI that is triple that of media advertising, and builds both market inquiries and a leadership position for brands.