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Marketing & Digital Project Manager


The MARKETING & DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGER works in seamless coordination with our Operations and Account Management teams to bring our specialists (strategy, search, social, creative, interactive) together to do amazing work for our clients. Primarily responsible for driving the details and managing the resources for both traditional and digital projects, the Project Manager is focused on ensuring that client work is delivered on time, on budget, and within scope. The Project Manager is the pacesetter who removes obstacles, with a keen ability to schedule, align, and manage the time of different tasks of a project, while being responsive to the dynamics of the project (such as the delayed fulfillment of tasks). Project Managers know 75-90 percent of their time is spent formally or informally communicating. A truly successful Upward Project Manager:


Daily Responsibilities


Required Skills


Reports to:

Associate Director of Agency Operations 


Other Essential Functions: 



At Upward, we look for culture fits in our candidates, beyond just technical proficiency, and job qualifications. If our Five Core Values resonate with you, let’s talk!

1. Be Client Obsessed

We put our clients’ best interests ahead of all else. If there is ever a question, we will err toward doing the right thing for our clients. We are fiercely loyal and committed to building strong one-on-one relationships with every client. In the end, we want our client to take the glory. We want to provide great work so that our clients’ company sees them as rock stars. 

2. Never Stop Learning

We are committed to lifelong learning. From our industry leading digital marketing conference, Interact, to our proprietary internal coaching program, to producing our podcast to one-on-one professional development planning, we live to develop our people and our clients. Our curiosity and commitment to learning is one reason our clients trust us and enjoy working with us. 

3. Get Creative

When a client tells us, what keeps them up at night, we run at that challenge headfirst, thrilled by the prospect of putting our problem solving skills to good use. We welcome client obstacles and work to transform them with resourcefulness and creativity. 

4. Drive Results

We are biased toward action. We are focused on performance and substance, so we put our attention on what moves the needle and delivers tangible, accountable results for our clients. This means that our people are intentional, take initiative and stay steps ahead from kick off to product finish and beyond. 

5. Be Human

We know that at its very core, this is a people business. At the end of the day, the value in what we do comes from being there when it really counts – in both highs and lows. We are encouragers. We empathetically champion our team and our clients, and we focus our decision-making to create positive impact for individuals and success for businesses. By doing this, we can always be proud of the work we have done and the business we’ve built together.