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Copy with a Purpose

Decent copywriting can make your brand sound important (and, preferably, pretty cool). Effective copywriting can compel your audience to take action. What’s the difference look like? What’s it take to get some copy that makes your audience eager to take the next step? It turns out, not necessarily just a bigger check. Ask yourself this: how much strategy did you or your agency undertake before writing the copy on your site?

No matter what line of work you’re in, the expectations of your audience have evolved. “Industry-leading solutions” aren’t cutting it anymore. You’ve got to build trust, show you feel their pain and provide constant value along the way. And no, “industry-leading solutions” don’t count as value.

Strategic thinking leads to copy that fits your brand, fits your strategy, fits the medium and fits the occasion. There are a lot of variables at play, but properly planned copy will do the behind-the-scenes work to send the right signals to your audience and search engines alike.

Let us help you build a copy platform with substance. Our Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland-based copywriters often find themselves working in these areas, but let us know if you have a project with different demands:

A whole lot of people can write clever copy – but don’t settle for language that merely makes an impression. Find a unique voice that’s rooted in qualitative and quantitative insights about your audience. Contact us for a free evaluation of your current copy platform, or if you need help starting from scratch.

Blurring the Lines Between PR + Content Marketing

Here’s Upward’s POV on the relationship between these two communications practices.

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