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If you were to skip sending your next promotional email, publishing that new white paper or sharing that article on Facebook – how many people would call you voicing their disappointment? If this question hurts to answer, you’re not alone.

Content marketing aims to solve this problem with a simple solution: just give the people what they want. Straightforward enough, but the practice is trickier than the theory – you’ve got to understand what it is your audience wants, who they really are and how their experience with your brand evolves over time. Then, all you have to do is weave those insights in to the way you articulate your brand’s identity across every piece of content you create.

Still with us?

One thing is certainly true about the effect of content marketing on the internet – it’s made the bar for a piece of content to be worth sharing much, much higher. You’re not going to get lucky with content marketing. But with the right philosophy, and the right partner, you can give your audience exactly what they want.

The Brand Communications team at Upward is a motley crew of PR veterans, digital natives, seasoned strategists and new-school technologists with a cure for what ails you – whether it be crummy copy, trouble tracking outcomes or a lagging transition to the digital space. You shouldn’t shove the wrong content down your audience’s throat – and we won’t force-feed you content marketing as a solution, either. What we will do is recommend the right marketing mix for your budget and goals.

Nobody knows your business better than you – let us help you figure out the rest. From content strategy, to content creation, to distribution and promotion, we’ll help you build your long-term game plan and support your team in the trenches. Contact us and we’ll show you how..

Blurring the Lines Between PR + Content Marketing

Here’s Upward’s POV on the relationship between these two communications practices.

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