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Brand Communications

The “Broadcasting Age” of communications has come and gone – whether your organization is ready to shift or not. If you’ve been doing a lot of ‘spraying and praying,’ and also wondering why, listen up:

Ever been in a meeting where someone’s idea of listening is just waiting for their turn to talk? Maybe you’ve experienced that with other agencies – in fact, maybe that’s why you’re here.

Pretty grating, right?

The worst part is that your ideal customers get treated the same way. Bombarded. It’s why over 200 million people installed ad-blocking software. It’s why social media seems ever less ‘social.’ It’s why leads continue to detach themselves at every turn.

The Upward approach has little to do with riding a tactic, technology or ideology to the promised land – because who knows whether the flavor of the week will work tomorrow.

Our approach does have a lot to do with understanding you and your customer. Thoroughly.

Before any conclusions are drawn or proposals typed, it starts with research. Scouring over 50 unique data sources is a fine place to start, but things get really interesting when we open the floor to the people who know you best: you.

Theory and Practice

Our Storytelling Workshop gives voice to the values behind your organization’s greatest successes. With your brand’s identity as your guide, you begin to see what past plans have failed to capture. When strategy gives way to activation, the way should be clear.

Through the whole process, you’ll meet strategists from wildly different backgrounds who put assumptions to bed and your Big Picture first. From tactics tried-and-true, to cutting-edge, to not-even-invented-yet, we’re poised to help you realize your vision.

The services below, along with our deep integrations with our interactive, search marketing and creative teams, drive our results for clients:

Define: Build your strategy around who your customer really is

Deliver: Solidify your presence across paid, earned, shared and owned channels

Delight: Use your identity to build enduring relationships

Let’s turn off the broadcast together – and start a conversation. The coffee’s on us. Just let us know today where you’d like to start.

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