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Toasting a Dynamic Product Launch

ITW Food Equipment Group


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Hobart was introducing a niche drinkware and glass washer for the front-of-house operations of restaurants and high-end bars, positioned as an alternative to outdated, three-sink washing.

Hobart approached Upward with this challenge: Present the glasswasher in an exciting manner that creates enthusiasm for the product while convincing customers that traditional methods are not sustainable.

Drawing on the talent and expertise of the entire agency – strategy and research, creative brand design, interactive development, search marketing and content marketing teams – Upward created an award-winning experience around the Hobart LXGe glasswasher. Components included digital content that detailed the monetary, operational and resource benefits of the LXGe washer over traditional three-sink washing.

Upon completion of the Perfect Glass microsite and collateral, Hobart successfully introduced its LXGe glasswasher to the industry. Visits to the microsite recorded high engagement levels, while the overall campaign was recognized with advertising industry awards.