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Modernizing a Key Lead Gen Tool

Shawnee State University


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At Shawnee State University, heavy printed viewbooks were considered a costly, but necessary staple of the college recruiting process. But did this impersonal introduction to the university still make sense?

For years, the viewbook has been a staple of the higher education recruiting process. Yet the viewbook method – compiling everything there is to know about a university, its majors, campus life and financial aid, all bound in a glossy, heavy book and sent to tens of thousands of students – was hardly paying off. In sum:

  • Production for the viewbook was costly and time consuming.
  • Prospective students had to flip through hundreds of pages to find the sections that were relevant to them.
  • The viewbook had to be sent to tens of thousands of students with the hope that the Shawnee State University message would resonate with students and compel the to apply.

Upward transformed the traditional, expensive viewbook into an agile, digital asset that made lead generation and segmentation possible at a much lower cost per lead. This landing page generated over 150 leads in its first five months of use.