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John Fimiani

Partner + Brand & Strategy Director

On paper, John specializes in building and positioning brands with fresh ideas and effective strategies that are rooted in thorough research, drive home unique value propositions, and capture market share. What he really does is help you develop a brand you can truly be proud of. One that delivers on its promises, inspires loyalty, and clears a path to future success. 







Bill Sterzenbach


If you want to talk about process development, search marketing, or anything else that involves B2B Web marketing, Bill is your man. He oversees all of our interactive services and takes a hands-on approach to ensuring the quality of our clients’ experiences. He knows how to help you generate and convert the quality leads that will grow your business—whatever your business may be. Plus, he’s one of our owners, so he’s got that going for him, too. 









Mary Garrick

VP of Brand Communications

Few deliver the energy and expertise across the full marketing and branding spectrum like Mary Garrick.  With over a decade of experience, Mary is a visionary leader for her clients, agency and teams.  She thrives in environments where the consumer is at the center of strategy, and in using archetypes to shape the content and character of brands.  A dynamic presenter, you’ll often find Mary sharing her insights and expertise at content marketing conferences across the country.  Plus, when you need a dose of positivity, a little Garrick is just what the doctor ordered.







Frank Sulka

VP of Business Development

Frank holds down the fort in our Cleveland office, spending his time helping our clients improve and expand their businesses through integrated marketing programs. With plenty of experience on both sides of the handshake (client and agency), Frank knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and how to help you get the most from your marketing at every stage of the game. And because he’s a proud Cleveland sports fan, we know you’ll appreciate his well-developed patience and sense of humor. 


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