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Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Services

The Right Message at the Right Time

The days of “spray and pray” email marketing are over – if you want to use email to generate new business and keep customers in the loop, you’ve got to get it right. The problem with the old way of sending newsletters and promotions is that it only resonates with your average audience member. Go ahead: ask your new prospects if they’d like to be thought of as “average.”

The companies that win big don’t shoot for the middle. They take risks by talking like they mean it to the people who are listening. Getting the language right isn’t always easy, but saying just the right thing to just the right people is worth the effort. That said, until very recently even the most skilled email marketers could spend years nailing down the perfect combination of messages and rhythm for specific segments.

Marketing automation changes the game. By hooking up rule-based email sequences with pinpoint tracking and personalization, your organization can nurture leads and optimize marketing spend with the agility of a company 10 times your size.

Marketing automation gives you the power to:

This critical component can completely change how you turn leads to customers. But what should you look for in a marketing automation agency?

Learn more about what makes marketing automation special – and what your organization should expect from an agency to make it worthwhile. Contact us for a free evaluation of your current email practice – or a free set of recommendations for how to get started.

Blurring the Lines Between PR + Content Marketing

Here’s Upward’s POV on the relationship between these two communications practices.

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