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First, let me take a selfie!

WRITTEN by: Kari Palmer |
categories: Content Marketing

Jul 2014


If the majority of your Instagram account is filled with pictures of yourself, you may have a problem. But at least you’re not alone! Millions of selfies are taken daily, and more than 88 million posts with the selfie hashtag have been posted to Instagram alone.

Selfies are now a frequent activity amongst my own group of friends. I am not ashamed to admit that I love the selfie-inspired song, or that I am looking forward to the new show coming to ABC this fall called, you guessed it, Selfie.

I am not a 20-something Millennial , but a proud Gen X marketing professional who likes to have fun. However, I do not remove pictures on Facebook if they don't generate more than 10 likes.

The selfie trend is not specific to the self-obsessed, social media-crazed people who have no actual friends. It is a mainstream marketing tool that can be utilized in multiple marketing applications. Media Bistro shared an infographic recently that captures many digital selfie metrics.

Many marketers look down their noses at the format, and most ridicule it for its raw nature and candor.  However, selfies build an instant relationship with the viewer. How so? Because of their honesty and ability to work as a tool for engagement.

Like other mainstream social media trends, companies can also leverage the selfie trend by using it to tell their story visually as well as express transparency in their organization.

Consider your audience first.

  • Do they care about selfies or could they?
  • Does your industry lend itself to the selfie craze? Consider sensitivities. For example, if you are in the funeral business, selfies are probably not the best way to engage with your audience.

Marketing applications:

  • This is a good time for your company to break down the corporate barriers online and post pictures of staff.
  • Don't forget to use the #selfie hashtag.
  • Create a contest around selfies see how many new followers it can generate. This gives your fans an opportunity to showcase their love of your brand. It can also help you to identify brand advocates to leverage in the future.
  • Consider creating a hashtag that relates directly to your business, e.g.,#museumselfie#libraryselfie, #dublinohioselfie
  • Leverage the selfie craze to launch a cause marketing campaign. Offer donations through selfie posts.

Self-portraits have been around since Vincent Van Gough. Jump on the bandwagon and before you go into your next meeting, take a selfie!

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