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The #1 Reason (by a wide margin) Health Care Patients Posted 1-Star Reviews

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Healthcare

Jul 2019


What Most Frustrated Patients Posting 1-Star Reviews?

Upward recently analyzed over 3,800 hospital reviews from all over the US. We read the comments from the patients for over 500 of these reviews. We categorized the comments between "Outcome", "Service", and "Wait Time".  The results may be surprising to learn.

Of the 1-Star reviewers, would you like to guess the top category of complaint?


Above are the results for 1-star reviews. What category do you think each bar represents? Reminder, your categories are:

  • Outcome
  • Service
  • Wait Time


No peeking...have you made your guess?


The #1 Category Is...

If you guessed "Service", give yourself some applause. The number one driver of 1-star reviews (in this sample group) was service issues.

Give this a moment to settle in. "Outcome" was the lowest driver. This is on one hand great news! It tells us that the patients were happy (or at least not unhappy enough to post a 1-star review) with the outcome of their care. 

On the other hand, it may be disappointing to the caregivers to learn that the object of the patient's visit was addressed swimmingly, but that their ancillary experience failed to meet the patient's expectations. 

We can fix this! 

Stay tuned for our next installment where we show the results of 5-Star reviews! We can draw some conclusions and form some strategies when we look at these datasets side-by-side. category is entirely absent from the 5-star reviewers comments!

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