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Upward Joins Forces with Lamark Media

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Apr 2021


COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 21, 2021) Upward announced today that it is joining forces with Lamark Media to offer expanded cross-channel strategy and performance marketing capabilities to enterprise B2B and B2C clients.

Columbus, Ohio-based Upward has strong digital roots, with industry-leading brand creative, strategy, search and multichannel digital marketing offerings, and Lamark boasts a remarkable growth trajectory and deep experience in programmatic and digital media, ecommerce, paid social, search and analytics.

Together, Upward and Lamark will serve clients across nearly every major industry vertical, and established and emerging channels critical to sustained brand growth.

“The Lamark team is incredibly well-respected and known for being a global performance marketing powerhouse,” said John Fimiani, founder and CEO of Upward. “Our agencies seem to perfectly complement each other’s capabilities, and by combining forces with Lamark, we’re bringing heightened levels of capabilities and expertise to marketers looking to more effectively and efficiently grow their brand.”

With clients ranging from national brands to emerging brands and start-ups, Lamark Media offers integrated marketing capabilities specializing in ecommerce, lead generation and digital customer acquisition strategy. As a top-level Google, Facebook, and Trade Desk partner, Lamark leverages its deep knowledge and experience to achieve best-in-class results for its clients.

“The Upward team is deeply talented, and we’re excited to bring their complementary capabilities to a combined client base,” said Bryan Shetsky, founder and CEO of Lamark Media. “There is tremendous opportunity for synergy with Upward’s unique offerings and Lamark’s performance platform, including brand archetyping, sales enablement, account-based marketing and multivariate creative testing capabilities. Best of all, their culture, ethics and mission of value creation aligns perfectly with our core positioning and vision for growth”.

Upward will currently retain its market identity and remain under the management of founding partners John Fimiani and Bill Sterzenbach, continuing to serve clients under its identity out of its Ohio locations. The combined teams will bring together their collective capabilities and resources to serve current as well as new clients, strengthening both scope and bandwidth. The partnership affords Lamark Media a Midwest hub and greater presence to continue serving clients in the region.

Fimiani and Shetsky said the teams and clients from both agencies are a "perfect fit”.

“Clients are increasingly seeking a partner that can help them adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace,” Shetsky said. “We are building an agency family with an unparalleled depth and breath, to deliver on all aspects of a client’s needs when it comes to strategy, creative, analytics and measurable performance.”

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be an Upward or Lamark client or team member,” said Fimiani. “We are on the precipice of redefining the perception of agencies in this post-digital age.”


Lamark Media is an integrated marketing partner to the world’s most ambitious brands, that leverages integrated digital strategies to fuel growth. Lamark’s core mission is simple - to create extraordinary campaigns that yield measurable results for their clients. Capabilities include strategy, media buying and optimization, lead generation, e-commerce, branding, web design, digital auditing, and analytics along with several other marketing and creative services. For more information, please visit


Born in the digital marketing era, Upward reimagines the multichannel agency. The agency seamlessly combines a higher level of strategic thinking with creativity, a customer acquisition mindset and native digital engagement capabilities. Upward services include brand strategy, research, design, interactive, search marketing and integrated brand communications. For more information, visit

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