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Jun 15

Day two of the 2017 Interact Digital Marketing Conference

WRITTEN by: Upward Brand Interactions |
categories: News

Jun 13

Win the Data Fight by Going Beyond the Data

WRITTEN by: Upward Brand Interactions |
categories: News

May 11

I Want You “Near Me” - The Rise of Mobile, Location-Based Search Queries and What You Should Do About It

WRITTEN by: David Kragel |
categories: News

It used to be that finding a local business required a map, a hard copy of the Yellow Pages, or a friend who lived nearby and wouldn’t be too annoyed when you asked for advice. Today, all of that has changed.

May 17

Big Omaha, Day 1: Tech Wit and Wisdom

WRITTEN by: Crystal Olig |
categories: News

My first time at Big Omaha surprised me for several reasons. I expected to meet cool people and hear about cool projects. I expected great speakers. I even expected to have a bunch of fun—after all, a conference that includes yoga, manicures, a fashion and a skate show has to be awesome, and it was.

Apr 30

Featured Site: CompuNet Clinical Laboratories Health Marketing Website

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: Healthcare, News, Interactive, Content Marketing

Upward and partners at Genessa Health Marketing recently helped client CompuNet Clinical Laboratories launch a new marketing campaign including a beautifully designed website with enhanced features to better serve key audiences.

Apr 26

Featured Site: Upward Brand Interactions Launches New Tolles Website

WRITTEN by: Mary Garrick |
categories: Community, News, Interactive, Content Marketing

Upward Brand Interactions is excited to announce the launch of the Tolles Career & Technical Center website,, designed and developed by Upward Brand Interactions. Tolles is a hands-on learning career-technical education center focusing on high school and adult education.

Sep 28

Featured Site: Upward Brand Interactions Launches Clark County Family Services Site

WRITTEN by: Jerrod Swanton |
categories: News, Interactive

Upward Brand Interactions is very pleased to reveal the new web site of Clark County Family and Children First Council (CCFCFC).

Nov 28

Web 4.0 – Dayton Public Schools’ Website Scores an A+ Ranking as One of the Best in the Nation

WRITTEN by: Jess Link |
categories: News, Interactive

The Upward Brand Interactions team is giving a healthy shout out to our client/friends/ heroes at the Dayton Public Schools! This month, the Sunshine Review revealed the results of their national review of government websites… and Dayton Public Schools nabbed an A+, ranking it among the best websites in the nation.

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