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Featured Site: Upward Brand Interactions Launches Clark County Family Services Site

WRITTEN by: Jerrod Swanton |
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Sep 2012


Upward Brand Interactions is very pleased to reveal the new web site of Clark County Family and Children First Council (CCFCFC).

This web portal is the primary entry for any user seeking information about any of the Clark County agencies involved with the CCFCFC, which include:

  • Clark County Commissioners
  • Clark County Job & Family Services
  • Clark County Juvenile Court
  • City of Springfield
  • Springfield City Schools
  • Clark County Educational Service Center
  • Board of Health of the Clark County Combined Health District
  • Clark County Mental Health & Recovery
  • Clark County Developmental Disabilities.

The Goals for Creating and Launching the Site

  • Raise public awareness of services available to Clark County residents
  • Present a central location for information related to families in Clark County
  • Utilize a visually impactful, simple/uncluttered, contemporary & engaging style

Key Components of the Site

The design of the main page of the web site allows for easy navigation to key areas for families, including news and events, resources readily available to residents, kindergarten readiness and discussion of the Fatherhood Initiative.

The pages within the web site contain a wealth of information, including multiple resources to assist families to discover all that Clark County offers to its residents.

A challenge that Upward Brand Interactions addressed was that Fatherhood Initiative needed its own internal site menu, allowing for users to use that portal more efficiently. As Upward Brand Interactions worked with the CCFCFC to discover what users needed, a solution was created: the Fatherhood Initiative would have its own unique navigation on specified pages, without compromising the top level navigation. This solution allowed all users to utilize the best navigation system for each unique site level.

“We started working with Upward Brand Interactions on branding for our Clark County Fatherhood Initiative and a web presence for promoting the Fatherhood programming and activities across the community," said Marilyn Demma, Executive Director, Clark County Family and Children First Council.

"We determined the Fatherhood website would be part of the existing Clark County Family and Children First Council's website," said Marilyn.  "[The] site and the Council's logo were old and tired, having been first developed more than eight years ago. Fast forward a few months and we have:  Fatherhood logo, Family Council logo, and updated Council website including multiple pages devoted to the Fatherhood Initiative!"

Marilyn admits that "it was a steep learning curve, but Upward Brand Interactions staff provided ample direction, and re-direction and encouragement. We worked around the obstacles that life and day-to-day work presented and met the agreed-upon deadline."

She - and her staff - are very pleased with the results. "We see the new FCFC website and the Fatherhood Initiative pages as tools we will use while achieving the possibilities that are good for Children and Families!  Thank you, Upward Brand Interactions and Clark County Job & Family Services!!”

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