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Most Surprising Reason for a Hospital 1-Star Review

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Healthcare

Feb 2020


Unexpected Reason for a 1-Star Health Care Review

In our research for our health care clients, we see a lot of reviews. I'm talking a LOT of reviews. Tens of thousands of reviews from all over the country. In this reasearch we will sometimes happen upon a 1-Star category of complaint that surprises us. Typically we see reasons falling in the categories of "care outcome", "care service", or "speed of care" - so when we see an outlier, it warrants further inspection.

Also curious about this category of negative feedback is the fact that it's not a singular intance. We see a few of these specific complaints in our feedback review activities.

That being said, from time to time a particular review will help to remind us that you can't please everyone.


Most Surprising Negative Hospital Review Reason Award Goes to:

"Valet Service Driver"

A major hospital received a 1-star review for the manner in which their complimentary valet service drove the car. Of course we should not expect a complete pass if a patient is unhappy with how their car is delivered, but an overall 1-Star is a major statement on the total quality of the visit.

This review reminds us that you will receive a certain degree of negative feedback absolutely regardless of your quality of care, outcomes, or dedication to providing stellar service.

It's important to note that we're not criticizing the reason behind the review, as this situation perfectly illustrates a business risk that I call "Ancillary Services Risk". If you'd like to learn more about the meaning behind the term, hit me up on any of the various mediums and I can give you the low-down.

Of course we never stop trying to please all of our patients, but it's an important reminder to apply some perspective to our reviews. Sometimes an overall negative review is the result of an ancillary service, and not meant to be viewed as an indictment on the entire experience.


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