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Rethinking Healthcare Customer Experience

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Jul 2017


We Hold the Power to Change Healthcare In Our Hands

For years, the process of healthcare has been thought of as traditional, maybe even archaic in some cases. When consumers are asked to reflect on their experiences with healthcare the results are often, well, not good. The process of healthcare is typically lengthy, complicated and stressful for the consumer. But when you look deeper, at the individual moments that lead people to become frustrated, you find that most of the expressed frustrations are not where you might expect them to be.

To analyze the current state of healthcare customer expectations, Upward conducted five studies with hundreds of consumers, which we then compiled to create the Upward Consumer Healthcare Experience Report. Combined, the studies included a web-based quantitative study, a web-based consumer study, a digital usage study, and two healthcare qualitative studies. Study participants offered insights around digital content, the physical experience, the digital platform experience and the desired care sought by millennial moms.

One word you may not be surprised to hear was a common theme was… wait for it… “waiting”, accompanied by “wait again”, “wait to be called in”, “wait for prescription”, and “wait for results.” Another common theme was negative interactions with doctors and nurses. With each of these complaints, they are indicative of consumer interactions that could have been improved with better digital experiences, tailored to the devices that consumers are using.

In this current era in which consumers increasingly are reliant on smartphones and wearable devices to find information and enhance their everyday interactions with brands, experience, both physical and digital, has become the deciding factor for customer opinion and loyalty (or lack thereof). Healthcare is no different.

To learn more about consumer healthcare and digital experiences, download the Upward Consumer Healthcare Experience Report.

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