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Wait! Before You Launch that Ad, Please Do This One Thing

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Content Marketing

Jul 2015


If you're preparing to launch an ad or an article, take an extra 10 minutes and perform this one simple task.


Look at it

OK, I'm assuming you've taken a look at the ad, but have you viewed it in enough formats to be comfortable with how mobile friendly it is? Actually view it on your phone. This means view the ad, the article, and any conversion objectives that you have in-place. You'd be surprised how many great ads and articles fail due to the fact that sufficient consideration was not given to mobile visitors.

View your ad via your browser, but also - be sure to view on any native apps that are released directly by the primary platform. So, for example, if you're running an ad on LinkedIn, be sure to preview the ad on their mobile app as well as their mobile website.


The 50% Rule

If you're launching an ad or a post on LinkedIn or some other social media channel, assume that 50% or more of the visitors are on mobile. This is substantially higher than if you are running an ad on Google or Bing and takes a bit of getting used to.


Make it Easy for Mobile Visitors

When reviewing your ad or article, pay special attention to whether you've made it easy for the visitor to consume your information. Avoid swiping, clicking, and above all else, avoid the keyboard entry.


Consider the Context

Wait - how do I capture vistor contact information if I don't ask them to use their keyboard?

One great technique is to consider the context. Did the visitor find you through Facebook? Use Facebook mechanisms for connecting. Did they find you through LinkedIn? Use the LinkedIn mechanisms for connecting. This is applicable even if they are on your website - you can still use these mechanisms to connect.

Rather than forcing your visitors to use YOUR mechanism for connecting, consider techniques such as fangating your content. This allows for you to get visitor details in return for your content, and for the visitor to easily provide it.


No Single Solution

There is no single best way to optimize your ad and content for mobile, so use your imagination and devise creative and easy ways for your visitors to consume and connect.

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