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A Food Equipment Manufacturer's New, Unified Brand Architecture

Peerless Food Equipment


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Combining the identities of three product lines through refreshed branding and marketing for Peerless Food Equipment.

Merging three distinct companies into one unified brand can sometimes feel like a three ring circus. After Peerless Food Equipment, a leading manufacturer of baking and snack food equipment, acquired two additional companies, Fedco Depositing and Peters Sandwiching, they decided that it was time to create a new, unified brand architecture. Peerless made the tasteful decision of calling on Upward to assist them in creating a brand identity like no other.

Along with the new tri-color brandmark of Peerless Food Equipment and the coordinating single-color brandmarks for each of the sub-brands, Upward worked with Peerless to develop a full brand identity, a literature system, trade show displays, product videos and web and mobile sites. Together as a unified brand or separately as a unique sub-brand, the Peerless Food Equipment brand identity represents the best in the industry. 

As is the nature of acquisitions, the identities of all three Peerless brands had become fragmented. By creating both a unified parent brand for Peerless Food Equipment and unique sub-brand identities for Peerless Mixers, Fedco and Peters, the manufacturer established a single, unified brand identity. This comprehensive rebranding effort helped to elevate the company’s three marquee product lines on the world stage.