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More Website Features

  • Content-first design strategy, with atomic modular design features to allow for easy editing and to allow the content to lead the structure of various pages. With more than 700 pages, all expertly written and optimized for SEO by PolyOne and Upward’s editors, the site gains traffic daily.
  • Product catalog and product finder widget on the homepage.  The vast array of PolyOne products is presented in a cohesive product catalog outlining all branded product families and detailed product characteristics, supplementary documents, rich media and applications, all starting from beautifully branded and visual Megalander pages.
  • Idea Center to inspire and educate. Users can sort by topical theme or associated product group to explore PolyOne’s thought leadership in the industry. In addition, those same stories feed automatically to related product pages based on a tagging taxonomy. Some stories even lead to premium gated content hosted on the Pardot platform, to capture leads around this rich and valuable content.
  • Industry Applications explorationRobust and visual industry pages demonstrates how various products serve vertical markets and provide more information on how PolyOne’s technologies can solve problems familiar in those areas. 
  • Services Spotlight. PolyOne does more than just sell product. Through innovative value-added services, consulting engineers and color experts are available to help create amazing applications while solving for important challenges like lightweighting, sustainability and more.
  • Investor Center & News Media Center. These sections tell the story of why PolyOne is a smart investment to Wallstreet and the plastics world, and incorporates NASDAQ-sourced content, webinar links, events and releases are passed across news wire services and the website to ensure compliance and security. All key financial data, stock prices, earnings and other reporting through are available, and weaves together with the News Media Center, to share the best of PolyOne to this critical audience.
  • Resource Library for marketing brochures, whitepapers, webinars, product bulletins, videos, technical bulletins and more - Allows a vast library of data and documents to be sorted and filtered, as well as viewed or downloaded in an instant. In addition, internal systems are referenced for the Safety Data Sheets web integration and the UL Yellowcard Technical Data Sheet Finder incorporates data and documents from that system to better serve a technical engineering audience.
  • Upward has also created microsites for PolyOne’s brands including Polymer Diagnostics, Polyone Distribution, Invisio, Colorsperse and an iPad app, On Color Portfolio, which is complemented by the responsive web app at