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High-Powered Pilot Recruitment

PSA Airlines


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PSA Airlines, a regional subsidiary of American Airlines, more than doubled its fleet within a few short years, creating an unprecedented demand for pilots during a time when the U.S. was experiencing an overall pilot shortage. As the PSA team found themselves competing with other regionals for the exact same pilot candidates, they engaged Upward to solidify their employer brand voice and amplify their recruiting efforts.

Upward worked to weave together a comprehensive, strategic approach to reach, resonate with, and ultimately recruit pilots to PSA, by:

• Building a research-informed audience profile to shape persona development and understand media consumption, influences and behaviors
• Developing insightful target audience and persona profiles to guide digital strategy
• Undertaking candidate journey and use-case scenario mapping
• Developing initial campaign concepts that best resonate with each persona

PSA continues to shift its messaging to help candidates easily insert themselves into a future vision of life as a PSA pilot, enabling it to clearly differentiate itself from the sea of competitors. With a specific roadmap of digital strategies and channel options to propel recruiting efforts, PSA continues to test, measure and refine those that yield the best results.