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Trupointe Takes Ag Data to the Field

Trupointe Cooperative Inc.


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“Catnip for farmers” propels re-launched site to all-time traffic high

Trupointe, a regional agriculture cooperative, had one tough question during their site's redesign: what does today’s sophisticated, savvy, plugged-in farmer want?

How about a 'user-first' architecture with clear, well-researched segmenting to make finding relevant information painless – even from the cab of a combine?

Or maybe widgets to relay weather and real-time commodity news that users can personalize and save?

They’d certainly appreciate frequent industry updates—presented in a robust media hub that Trupointe could add to without disrupting the responsive framework.

Farmers got just what they needed: the Upward interactive team helped Trupointe mitigate the dreaded 'relaunch traffic slump' so well, traffic actually increased 52.47% in the first three months after launch. And mobile traffic, in particular, grew massively—a 309% increase comprising more than 17,000 additional sessions.

“[The Upward] team brings a big city mentality to the country,” said Carolyn Seibert, Director of Marketing Services at Trupointe, “helping us ensure we are pushing our teams for best practices even beyond the norms in our industry.”