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4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Website

WRITTEN by: Shawn Metz |
categories: Interactive

Aug 2014


Let’s be honest, if you do a quick Google search you will find a lot of bad corporate websites out there. Some are just poorly designed. Others are hard to navigate. While others are just downright bad. But not every company can afford a complete redesign. I’m going to give you four easy changes you can make to improve your existing site.

1. Create a Website Tagline

Many people assume that most of their users come in through the front door or homepage of their website. The fact is, that simply isn’t true. Most people find your website through a search engine. So it really depends on the content, keywords and what they are searching for as to where they enter your site. Your homepage might summarize your company and mission well, but that doesn’t mean the user will ever see it. You can solve this problem by creating a website tagline that quickly summarizes what your company does in five words or less. After you create your tagline, I suggest placing it in the header so it is easily seen and applies across every page of your site.

2. Don’t Forget About Us

Your “about us” page shouldn’t be an after thought. There is no other place on your site that better builds trust between you and the user. Describing the experience of your staff will help the user have confidence in your product or service. Explaining your history confidently shows you will be around next week. Telling your story helps to fill in the gaps for a potential customer.

3. Five Second Text

Can you do a test for me? Next time you visit a website, time yourself to see how long you stay on that first page. If you are like most users, it’s less than five seconds. One quick change you can make to address this problem is through concise content. I’d also suggest putting a summary of each page’s content in the first paragraph of each page. This saves you when someone simply skims the page. They will get the relevant content first instead of missing it completely.

4. Don’t Use Jargon in Your Menu

If you are like most companies, you have your own internal language that everyone in the company knows inside and out. But that doesn’t mean your user will understand the same terminology. Menu content should be universal so users don’t have to spend too much time thinking. For instance, don’t list your products in the menu by product number or model. Most likely, the user won’t understand the difference between the ZXY-123 or WVZ-456. You want menu content to speak in generalities that are known by every user.

Sometimes even a subtle change to your site can make a massive difference. These are just a few simple suggestions that I had, and I hope they help. We’d love to hear yours.

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