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Does Your Landing Page Have These 4 Critical Elements?

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Interactive

Jun 2014


If you've developed a landing page for a campaign - congratulations! You are already way ahead of many of your competitors. That being said - it's probably time to evaluate how effectively your landing page is performing. No need to fear, the changes I'm going to suggest below do not require any technology ninja moves, they are basically content and organizational changes.

Look at the What, Why, How, and When of your landing page to gauge it's effectiveness.

Let's get started!

Landing Page Element #1:What (we do better?)

The first thing your visitor should see is "What We Do Better Than Everyone Else". Do this in 1-3 VERY short sentences.

When defining what you do better, for each item you consider, ask yourself:

"Does anyone care?". For example, often we see "Great Customer Service" as a "What We Do Better". Your visitors expect that you have great customer service - it's not a tout, in fact, it might actually cause your visitor to pause and reflect on how little you have to brag about.

Do we want to attract customers who want these things we've identified? For example, you may identify that you are great at expedited orders, but you may find that your margin is low and it grinds your people. Consider not using this point as you are spending money to attract the customers you want, not simply more of the types of customers you have.

Are we really great at these things? Only list the points that truly reflect where you are great. This will ensure that each customer you land will have a high likelyhood of being a happy customer, increasing your Lifetime Value, making your spend more reasonable to land that customer.

Here is an example of a "What" that we use on a very successful landing page for one of our customers:

  • We Love Custom Orders
  • No Minimum Order
  • Expedited Orders

These are three things this customer does well that meet the following conditions:  their customers find these three things important, and these three things are profitable types of engagements.

Landing Page Element #2: Why (should I believe you?)

The "why" element is critical because you've made some pretty bold claims, and now you need to show how plausible there really are.  These supporting claims are short, generally quick and easy to read. Consider them as subheads of your headlines (though they may not be displayed as such).

For this element you will be saying things such as:

  • 95% of our customers return for a second order
  • 90% satisfaction rating from an independent survey
  • 35% of our orders are emergency orders. We know expediting!
  • Ranked 19th out of 5,000 united states healthcare organizations

Landing Page Element #3: How (Do you do it?)

The "how" element is a bit more verbose. This is usually represented as a paragraph or so of text explaining how you accomplish the feats you described above. Look at the three elements as a pyramid, with each provide incrementally more support as you move through the What, Why, How progression.

Here is a good example of a How statement:

How do we grow our average customers business over 15% per year? With a dedicated team of 24 industrial marketing specialists, and over 1200 successful campaigns, we'll bring to bear all of our combined years of experience to produce the most successful marketing campaign you've ever experienced. All of our specialists are certified in Google Adwords and Bing, bringing you the freshest and most impactful ideas.

Landing Page Element #4: When (should I act)

It seems simple, but we often forget to tell the visitor what to do and when to do it. There is only one when - "Now". Remember, your visitor has multiple tabs open, when they move to the next tab, that may be the last time you see them.

We listen to thousands of customer calls, and one thing we hear from callers time and time again is "I'm sorry, which company am I speaking with? I have a bunch of you here in front of me". This is glaring proof that you need to compel an action NOW. Waiting only invites a lost opportunity.

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