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Bridging the Gap Between Agency + Client Goals Through Customer-Centric Marketing

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
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Feb 2017


It seems the gap is constantly widening between the activities of agencies and the objectives of their clients. Everyone is pursuing the same outcomes, but the path to the goal seems fraught with challenges.

At Upward, we have "cracked the code" to unlocking the critical elements needed to keep agencies and the clients they serve perfectly aligned.

We help you know your customer. 

At Upward, we provide ongoing thorough, objective and comprehensive analysis into what your customer wants and needs from their relationship with your organization, and how well you are meeting or exceeding that need.

Putting our clients’ customers at the center of everything has been the key to growing their businesses and helping them to create cultures of growth and success. This is Customer-Centricity, and it requires cultivating a deep understanding of a client’s business. It also takes an enormous commitment to get it right. How can your agency help you to master the art of Customer-Centricity?


Your Agency Should Know Your Business

Your agency should be doing everything humanly possible to learn everything about your business, whether it’s pouring over product catalogs or participating in employee training, attending trade shows or listening in on customer calls.

Here are a few things you should require of your agency partner:

  • They should know your customer personas.
  • They should know the industries you serve.
  • They should know your average sales cycle.
  • They should be listening in on your customer calls.
  • They should be reading emails and form submissions from your website.
  • They should be up-to-speed on all communications between you and your client.
  • They should know your stock price and when your investor calls take place.

Your Agency Should Know Your Customer

According to a recent Gallup study, 71percent of B2B customers do not feel attached to the companies they do business with and are ready to do business elsewhere.

Your agency should be an expert on your customer. They should know their language, their drivers, what frustrates them, and most importantly what motivates them into action. Can your agency tell you how attached your customers are to you? Can they tell you whether your customers are committed to working with you in the future? If you feel that your agency could do better in this area, speak with them about it. Here are some areas where your agency should have strong familiarity:

  • Not just your customer personas, your customers’
    • Influencers
    • Buyers
    • Decision makers
  • How you interact with customers on the phone (let them listen in on calls)
  • The steps your customers take from your website (they should be reading emails and form submissions).
  • How your customers feel about working with you (they should be conducting independent research)

One way you can move the customer back into the center of your world is by reviewing how you interact with them over email and on the phone. At Upward, we record thousands of calls per month on behalf of our clients and by listening to and analyzing these calls we become experts on our client’s customers. We not only review calls, but we also perform independent research on the callers to better understand their position, their industry and each of their respective needs. This enables us to counsel our clients from the best perspective – the customers’ perspective. 


Your Agency Should Know You

Does your agency contact know how and when you prefer to communicate? Do they know whether you prefer to connect over the phone, in-person or email? Perhaps you have a preference depending upon the type of message being communicated. If they don’t know this, they need to learn it. You are their client. They should communicate with you in a way that works for you, not the other way around. Agencies who understand customer-centric marketing practice it.

Let's Make Your Customer the Center of Our World

Give us a call. We can work with you to get your customer in the center of everything you, and we, do. 


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