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Featured Site: All-Flo Pump Co., Global Diaphragm Pump Manufacturer

WRITTEN by: Crystal Olig |
categories: Business Growth , Interactive

Feb 2011




Oxiem's business-to-business interactive marketing experts helped All-Flo Pump Company, a global leader in diaphragm pump manufacturing, create a new website to offer customers a streamlined web experience. The company is a leading manufacturer of rugged, lube-free, non-stall/freeze air diaphragm pumps. Serving a variety of industries, including oil & petroleum, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining and construction, All-Flo works with a global network of distributors to ensure local availability and service.

Clear, comprehensive branding includes a unique and easy diaphragm pump selection tool, a distributor locator feature, and an exclusive resource portal for distributors.

Fast Pump Finder

The interactive business driver widget, the "Fast Pump Finder," eliminated a paper-based solution used by the company. Before, to find the correct pump, customers used printed chemical compatibility tables. Now, users can pick the appropriate size and the material they would like to pump. The Fast Pump finder cross references all the relevant data and presents the user with the appropriate pump for that need.


“All-Flo’s commitment to provide our customers with smart pump solutions is reflected in this new website,” said Paul McGarry, All-Flo sales and marketing manager for North America. “We believe this new website will be a tremendous advantage for our customers around the world and will bolster our position as a leading diaphragm pump manufacturer.”

Benefits for Distributor Network

Another goal for All-Flo's new site was to faciliate connections between their global network of distributors and direct clients. The Distributor Locator tool allows customers to enter a zip or other postal code to find the nearest pump distributor. Paired with a new distributors-only section with product pricing, marketing and training materials, All-Flo's internal clients are now better equipped to connect with clients and resources.

Web- and document-based product catalogs with detailed and high-quality product galleries and illustration let All-Flo's products be found from anywhere.

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