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Upward Brand Interactions Launches Greater Springfield Site

WRITTEN by: Jerrod Swanton |
categories: Business Growth , Interactive

Aug 2012


We are excited to announce the launch of, designed and developed by Upward Brand Interactions.

Four community entities share this portal: CVB, CIC (Economic Development), Chamber of Commerce and the National Road Convention District.

The Goals for Creating and Launching the Site

  • Present a positive, progressive image of Greater Springfield
  • Create a bold, clean and impactful brand website system
  • Utilize a visually impactful, simple/uncluttered, contemporary & engaging style
  • Maximize resources by building a shared site system for four community entities: CVB, CIC (Economic Development), Chamber of Commerce, National Road Convention District



Creating a Customized Solution

The site is built in Upward’s O2 CMS, but the Chamber Master is integrated in a custom way, allowing the Chamber to utilize a 3rd party member and event management tool while maintaining the look, feel and branding of the site.

View the Chamber Master integration page, which is the member directory of the site. It seamlessly integrates into the site, providing ease of use for site visitors and web managers.

Key Components of the Site

  • Portal
  • Interactive flipbooks
  • Photos streaming from Flickr, videos from YouTube
  • Utilizing all live-type to build the brand look
  • Beautiful photography and large imagery throughout the site
  • Streaming Twitter feeds

Client Reaction

“Upward’s development team is always great to work with, and our most recent experience was no exception. For us, the process always begins with John Fimiani – Upward’s “Don Draper” – guiding us in the right creative direction. In this particular case, John envisioned a portal that would lead to four individual websites all sharing similar design elements. The portal concept turned out to be exactly what we needed to drive some consistency through our various brands.

“From there, the team, led by Crystal Olig took over. Crystal did a remarkable job of keeping the process ‘on task’ and delivering the sites on time. This despite the fact that we may have deviated from the initial script just a bit!

“Outstanding job by a great team of professionals - we love the results!”
-Chris Schutte, Marketing Director of Greater Springfield

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