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Apr 2012


We’re honored to be profiled in this month’s Dayton B2B magazine! Genessa is quickly approaching its one year anniversary as an agency solely dedicated to serving the healthcare industry. Below is a peek at the feature. To read the full article, click here or pick up the April 2012 issue of Dayton B2B!

Genessa Health Marketing in July 2011 was in the midst of a new project. The healthcare-focused agency, a spinoff of Dayton based Hafenbrack Marketing, was preparing a commercial campaign for Norwalk, Ohio-based Fisher-Titus Medical Center, a nonprofit community hospital that provides the area’s 60,000 residents with healthcare services.

Genessa already had developed a new tagline for the hospital that fit its image: “Simply Smarter Care.” The next step was filming a patient. No interview would be necessary, Genessa staff members thought.

That’s until they met Gary, a man in his early 60s from Sandusky, who had fallen off his roof and broken his neck. Gary was told he would be confined to a wheelchair for life, but with the help of Fisher-Titus, he was able to walk again with the support of crutches.

"Someone made a suggestion saying he would offer great testimonial,” said Kelly Mercer, Genessa’s media director. “I said, ‘Let’s do it.’ ” Telling the stories of patients like Gary is what Genessa is all about, according to Mercer, who also has served as Hafenbrack Marketing’s media director since 2010.

“We bring these stories to people,” she said. “People were in tears because he (Gary) was so inspirational and such a humble individual about his injuries and moving forward. It was a wonderful thing, and the epitome for me of why I do what I do for this company, and why our company does what it does for clients.”

Genessa has just begun to tell its own story, too. The company officially launched in the summer of 2011. The agency builds on Hafenbrack’s 32 years of work with some of the state’s leading healthcare organizations.

Genessa helps marketing directors find clarity in a region with seven different hospitals and 85 affiliates, said Dave Hafenbrack, founder and CEO of Genessa, and president and CEO of Hafenbrack Marketing. He has enjoyed building a business around that mission.

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