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Web 4.0 – Dayton Public Schools’ Website Scores an A+ Ranking as One of the Best in the Nation

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Nov 2011


The Upward Brand Interactions team is giving a healthy shout out to our client/friends/ heroes at the Dayton Public Schools! This month, the Sunshine Review revealed the results of their national review of government websites… and Dayton Public Schools nabbed an A+, ranking it among the best websites in the nation.

The Sunshine Review, a national nonprofit organization working to encourage open government and public oversight, judged more than 1,560 school district websites across the nation on information transparency and accessibility.
Our key client contact and content champion, Melissa Fowler, Communications Specialist and Webmaster with Dayton Public Schools, deserves a boatload of accolades for her tenacious approach to keeping the district informed through fresh, relevant web content.

The Upward Brand Interactions/DPS relationship began more than a year ago, when Upward Brand Interactions undertook the project of designing and developing the district and individual school site system. Built on our proprietary O2 Content Management System, every web feature is designed to make sharing information with staff, students, parents and public as quick and seamless as possible.

What’s O2? It’s Upward’s Content Management System that allows our clients to manage their websites with total control. DPS chose Upward Brand Interactions for the job when they understood how O2’s simple interface and powerful organizing and monitoring features could help the district communicate effectively with all of their audiences.
"One of our top priorities in creating and maintaining this website has been to provide as much information as possible for families and other users. Thanks to Upward's terrific content management system, it's been an easy process to keep our site updated and fresh. We're also thankful for the terrific Upward Brand Interactions staff, who are always wonderful to work with and on top of any concerns or additional development ideas we have," said Melissa Fowler of DPS.

Read the full Dayton Daily News story about the award.

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