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b2b Marketers – The April 21st Google Update May Be Bad News for Your Leads

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
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Apr 2015


Is your website mobile-friendly? If you can’t confidently answer “yes”, be on your guard for potential missed opportunities.

What’s Happening?

One April 21st, Google will release an update (we’re calling it “The Red Baron“). Potentially removing your site from search results to mobile searchers if your site is not mobile friendly, this update represents a real concern to b2b sites.

To say Google will be Removing your site may be a bit strong, Google will essentially prefer sites that are mobile-friendly, effectively displacing your site where there are competitors with mobile-friendly sites.

This won’t be a “search Armageddon”, but it could represent a more significant threat to your leads and sales if:

  • You are serving the b2b space
  • Your site is not mobile-friendly
  • Your competition has a mobile friendly site

Will Your Site Be Impacted?

The best way to determine whether your site will suffer from the update is to use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page to test your site. If your site is determined to be mobile-unfriendly, you may feel an impact.

Test Your Site Now:


b2b Marketers – How Will This Affect Your Leads and Sales?

If your site primarily serves the b2b space, you may see some issues. According to ThinkWithGoogle, 56% of executives cite mobile as their primary business tool. This means that potentially 56% of the decision-makers who search Google for what you do may no longer see your site.

Yes, retail sites will be affected, but when you consider that multi-million dollar deals often result from one initial visit, you can see how b2b marketers may be more quick to react to this update.

What Should You Do?

If you have a website that is not mobile-friendly, you should be looking into how to make the upgrade to a mobile-friendly website regardless of Google updates. It’s just time – visitors are coming to expect your site to perform properly on mobile devices.

Need a Hand?

Give us a call – we can help you make a  quick, smooth transition to the world of mobile. (866) 432-8235

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