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Google Analytics-Advanced Segments

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
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Nov 2009


Looking at the 'real' numbers If you've had the opportunity to use Google's Analytics tool, you probably already love it, but this tip should seal the deal and bring you even closer to a state of infatuation.

Todays tip: Using Advance Segments to remove bounced traffic.

You have probably noticed one metric that is always present on your dashboard report - Bounce Rate - this is the number of visitors who arrive at your site and leave immediately without looking at another page. We'll call this metric 'People Who Hate You'. OK, maybe they don't hate you, but they might hate your site..for a variety of reasons. We're not going to focus on why folks bounce from your site in this post - we're going to focus on how to ignore them so you can focus on those who actually like you - er - I mean those who really like your site. Looking at non-bounce traffic helps you to see the numbers without the bounced visitors 'pulling down' all of your numbers.?I'm not advocating that you ignore your bounce rate - but you have to remove this from your other numbers if you want to glean helpful intelligence from your stats. My recommendation is that you acknowledge your bounce rate, file it away in your mind, promise to revisit it and make it better, then move on.

How do we move on?

If you want to focus on "Of those who stick around on my site, what do THEY do", you will want to explore 'advanced segments'. This feature is not complicated, but it is a bit hard to notice.?You'll notice the advanced segments button at the upper-right section of your website. Click this button and you'll see the options that are available by default. Select (from the left pane) "Non-bounce Visits ". This will create another metric for those visitors that did not bounce.


Now, start poking around a bit. You'll see the stats for 'overall' traffic as well as the stats for those who did not bounce. You will find this info much more actionable. For example, for the keywords below, notice that the overall page per visit was 4.35 while the page per visit for those who did not bounce is 5.69. This lets you judge the quality of a keyword relating to those who are inclined to use your site.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have:


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