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If You Could Shout One Message to 40,000 Prospects...

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
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Nov 2012


Search Engine Optimization 101

Know who you're talking to

I've heard the question asked in commercials, books, blogs, etc. It's generally posed as "If you had 40,000 people in one large stadium and you could share one message with them, what would you share?".

I would respond with "Why are you shouting at 40,000 people?".

Talk to the Right People

It seems obvious that you should focus on communicating your message to those that may be interested in your product. Of course this is where search marketing excels - the people that arrive at your site came as a result of searching for your product or service and are already interested, so you can have some level of confidence that they will respond to the message if you tailor it well.

Drawing Them in and Pushing Them Away with Great Ad Copy

The real trick to effective search marketing is know who to attract and who to repel. You can use your titles, descriptions, and body text to ensure that the right people are responding to your listings, and that the wrong people move on to a solution more fitting for them. Your product of service is not right for everyone and there are certain costs associated with attracting the wrong kinds of prospects to your site. Just to name a few:

  • Wasted follow-ups on requests for information that will go nowhere
  • Analytics noise floor that will make intelligent analysis more difficult
  • "False negative" effect on sales team. Real leads can be missed when filtering through bad leads. Similar to how you accidentally delete a real email when quickly deleted a lot of spam


Encouraging Them to Stick Around with an Effective Website Design

How do you ensure that those who arrive at your site are going to stick around? The best way to keep your visitor engaged on your site is to be sure that you keep the subjects that engage them front-and-center. We address this with our "Websites that Think" intelligent design  concept. Our philosophy is that a site should change to the visitor needs, rather than imposing the responsibility upon the visitor to derive value out of their visit.

Are You Attracting Some Interesting People Today?

Here's How to Know using Analytics

Jump into your analytics account and have a quick look. Choose your referral source (google organic, Bing organic, etc). You should see at least "the 3's"

  • At least 3 minutes time on site
  • At least 3 page views per visitor
  • 30% repeat visitors (if your program is designed to generate NEW leads)


These numbers do not apply to EVERY program, so feel free to give me a call if you want to establish some base numbers to work from. I'll walk you through the basics, no charge.

For help with this or any other Interactive Marketing feel free to give me a call: 937-206-3920

Here's to a prosperous 2013!

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