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Client PolyOne Wins top Content Award

WRITTEN by: Crystal Olig |
categories: B2B , Awards

Mar 2016


Congratulations to our client, PolyOne, for a national award from content publishing engine, Kapost, recognizing PolyOne in the top 50 of B2B marketers across the globe.

From Kapost’s award:

Starting with a website overhaul, PolyOne consolidated 12 legacy websites into one customer-centric experience. The responsively designed website was built to be a resource for those seeking information about PolyOne solutions, services, and ideas. The website launch was a key step in revolutionizing PolyOne and, more broadly, marketing for the entire industry.

With so many excellent resources— including their Ideas Center —right at their fingertips, PolyOne has positioned themselves as true innovators in a traditional space.

PolyOne is in good company, with other notable honorees like Adobe, Allstate, Cisco, Salesforce, Square, Workiva, Zendesk and Zipcar.

“The best thing about working with the innovators at PolyOne is their collective vision,” said Upward’s Interactive Director, Crystal Olig. “They had an idea that everyone could live within one web home, requiring true organizational change and alignment at all levels. The global marketing group worked tirelessly alongside our team for more than a year to make it happen."

See all the Kapost B2B Marketing winners here.

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