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Do You Need an Interior Decorator or Contractor For Your Website?

WRITTEN by: Katlin McNally |
categories: Branding

Jan 2014


Have you ever walked into your home or office and thought that it may be time for an update? Oftentimes when that thought occurs, buying a new home or moving offices is out of scope or even the realm of possibilities. The more reasonable solution could be changing what picture is hung on the wall, updating throw pillows or painting the walls a new color.Other times you need a more in-depth approach that incorporates furniture rearrangement, replacing the flooring or a new addition.

People will go through these same feelings and subsequent actions when thinking about the look, feel, design and functionality of their website. A website is not a one-and-done project; it will need updates as it matures and grows. This continued growth falls under what the industry calls a reskin or a redesign.

So what’s the difference?

A reskin falls under the category of new throw pillows and new picture updates in the above analogy—anything that an interior designer and a splash of color can complete. A redesign falls under the latter of the two types of home improvements, and is more closely compared to a home remodeling project. (I think now would be the time to distance myself from this metaphor so I don’t loose you to daydreams of DIY projects.)

A good rule of thumb for a reskin is to change anything that alters the color or imagery that is on your site. Designers and content marketers will work with you to accomplish this refreshed look. Action items can include changing out rotator images, adding hero or banner images, applying new backgrounds, or reconstructing the color or design in the header or footer. All of these items make the aesthetics and look of the site really sing.

A redesign is when you start to move those objects on your site; this in turn requires a little bit more coding, so a developer would be brought onto the project as well. Elements of a redesign can include adding an RSS feed or event module, moving the search bar, changing a piece of functionality, moving locations of adlets, or changing the overall template or layout of a page.

These solutions can update your site at a lower cost and often a shorter timeline. When working in a small or large organization, it is important to evaluate your site on a consistent basis to make sure your web presence is matching the financial and emotional needs of the user: meaning is it accomplishing your goal conversion rates and the right conversion rates. Would reorganizing the site map or contact page help? Is it meeting the brand expectations and key messaging? Does it appear to have an overall updated look and feel that allows for a positive user experience? Without strategically thinking about these goals and how to accomplish them, a redesign or reskin would have little to no impact on your site.

Evaluating and looking at these two options is key to keeping your site updated and engaging as it matures and grows. And as a shameless plug, if you’re not sure which direction is best for your website, reach out and connect with Upward Brand Interactions’ interactive team. We can pull together an audit of your site’s weaknesses and strengths versus your key competitors. This can help you get an idea of whether you may need to pick up that hammer and nail, or merely a paintbrush—oops, there’s that darn metaphor again.

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