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5 Lessons Every Young Professional Will Learn During Their First Year on the Job

WRITTEN by: DJ King |
categories: Business Growth

May 2017


Do you remember your first semester in college? Or maybe your very first job? Your first significant other, the first time you drove a car, or your first flight in an airplane? Life is full of firsts and there is so much to learn.

Here is my list of 5 big things I learned during my first year with Upward that all young professionals should know:

  1. Everyone Knows You Don’t Know Anything

The truth of the matter is – everyone on your team knows you don’t know anything. And that’s okay. Your only job is to get yourself up to speed so you can begin helping out. The sooner you can accept it and buckle down to change that fact, the sooner you become beneficial to the team.

  1. Learn Something Every Single Day

The best way to become beneficial to your team is to learn as much as you can. During that first year,I was physically pained from the amount of information I shoved into my brain, and every day was exhausting. But, you gotta do it. It hurts but it’s so worth it. Whether it’s blog articles, podcasts, video explanations or having a one-on-one with someone on your team, just do whatever you can to learn something.

  1. Write Things Down

And I don’t mean on your computer. Physically write things down using pen and paper like they did in the Stone Age. Why?

  1. You’ll remember it. Seriously. Going through the motion of writing an idea down helps you remember it.
  1. It makes the speaker feel validated and valued. This is one of the most important lessons I learned early on. Your personal influence on others is one of the most important things you can learn to master. Writing down what others say is one of the easiest steps in that direction.
  1. Take On As Much Work As You Can

Even if it’s something as easy as updating a spreadsheet, it’ll help your team out tremendously and get you invaluable experience. The experience alone is great, but with the added benefit of earning some respect from your colleagues, why wouldn’t you help them out?

  1. Make It Fun

Everyone has a different idea of fun, but what it comes down to is this: you need to enjoy your time with your colleagues. Decorate your desk, go out for drinks, have team lunch, bring in donuts, send around memes or funny cat videos. Try to do something to get everyone on your team to smile at least once a day.

There’s a first time for everything, and every first will teach you something new. Learn more about Upward’s firsts by giving us a call!

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