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CEO Stands For Creative, Energetic and Optimistic

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May 2013


At Genessa Health Marketing, our CEO Dave Hafenbrack isn’t your typical suit-wearing, tie purchasing, meeting goer CEO. Yeah, he does those things, but he also does a lot more. On top of running a company, Dave takes time to enjoy his many hobbies and stay actively involved in the community.

This past weekend, Dave participated in the 52nd annual Tour of the Scioto River Valley. The TOSRV is a bike tour where participants ride from Columbus to Portsmouth, Ohio and back in one weekend. That’s 210 miles of biking! The TOSRV is one of the largest bike tours in the country and boasts more than 3,000 participants annually. The tour began in 1962 as a father-and-son outing and since then has been held every year on Mother’s Day weekend. All ages and fitness levels participate.

Dave got started with biking after running marathons for several years. Dave started to experience hip problems from running and switched over to biking. In addition to bike tours, the occasional half marathon and fishing (he does that too), Dave also makes time to run the Children Without Foundation that he started with his wife several years ago.Children Without is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the dignity and quality of life for children and youth around the world. It does this by working with various facilities, agencies and programs that support children throughout the world. This is Dave with the group of students who all received scholarships in 2013.

Dave originally got involved with the organization through his local rotary club, but after three years, Dave started the Foundation on his own. The Foundation has now been operating for nine years and focuses on raising funds for children to attend school in Mexico past 5th grade. In fact, Dave makes a personal trip to Mexico every year to deliver the funds and to see the children that are directly benefitting from the money.

You could say, Dave Hafenbrack is more than a CEO. He’s a real person. A genuine person. And, he really cares about his employees, his business and how his employees benefit the business.

Did you know that Dave also does everyday account management at Genessa? That’s right. He’s involved in the everyday operations of our business and works hard to bring our clients results. Interested in meeting or talking with Dave? Drop him a line and let him know how Genessa can help you and your organization reach its marketing potential.

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