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Climb Aboard and Get Ready for Take Off

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Jun 2013


You’re probably wondering why a health care marketing agency is talking about space travel. Well, we aren’t talking about space travel, per se, but we are talking about delivering our clients the best marketing solutions in the universe. That’s right. The Universe.

At Genessa Health Marketing, we are committed to improving as professionals; and we are also committed to evolving as an agency and embracing new technology and trends. Because the marketing industry is continuously changing, we are launching a new initiative, called Innovation Station, to help us stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s how it works:

Innovation Station encourages all employees to consistently read and research news and topics relevant to the marketing industry. When the employee finds a new idea or topic that is beyond our traditional service line and could be applicable to one of our clients, the employee is encouraged to share their finding and other employees are encouraged to vote on their favorites. At the end of the month, whichever idea has the most votes wins! That person is then given the title of Champion and must do two things. He or she must prepare a presentation on this topic and write a blog about it.

Then, once a month we hold a company meeting to hear about this new, innovative idea from the Champion who makes a presentation. We then discuss how we could apply the concept to one of our clients or how it could improve our existing services. The purpose of Innovation Station is to push our employees to think big and consistently improve as professionals so that we can bring the best marketing ideas and solutions to our clients. Innovation Station is optional for employees. We do not require employees to participate because we want the ideas presented to be genuine and not considered a task.

In the coming months, we will be sharing our innovative ideas through a series of blogs with the purpose to spark conversations not only internally, but among our clients who look to us to solve their marketing dilemmas. So, we ask you to climb aboard and join us as we prepare for blast off to Innovation Station.

Want to learn more about how Genessa can partner with your healthcare organization and bring these innovative ideas to your team,drop us a line.We’d love to hear from you!

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