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Featured Site: Superior Beverage Group

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Jun 2011


Summertime is a great time to find a refreshing local watering hole and sink in with your favorite cold brew. Upward’s development team, with the help of Superior Beverage Group, is ready to help Central Ohians do just that. The interactive and fresh new website for Ohio’s premier beverage distributor conveys the social and friendly nature of Superior Beverage Group to visitors.

The classic wood-grain design of the website emulates the casual bar room environment where patrons might enjoy a frosty mug of beer or cool glass of wine.

“The highlight of this site is the Social Media aggregator that pulls in Twitter feeds from beer companies, Facebook, photos from Flickr, and videos from YouTube,” says Upward Brand Interactions account manager, Sarah Shivler. Through the integration of many different social media platforms, we aim to provide visitors with the same interactive and social experience on the internet that they would receive with the purchase of our client’s beverages.





The site includes expert tips for the beer enthusiast and the latest information on seasonal brews. There is also a beer and wine finder for counties Superior serves in Ohio.  Phase 2 of the site will feature a beer finder that will provide you with an exact location of where visitors can buy your favorite beer, whether at a local gas station, bar or drive thru.

“Working with Upward Brand Interactions has been an extremely pleasant experience through a tough process.  Our website has exceeded our expectations of design and functionality as well as upkeep.  We will continue the relationship with Upward Brand Interactions as they have become an extended part of our family and daily processes.  We would highly recommend any business our size to work with Upward Brand Interactions to help create and/or improve their media presence,” says Heather Llewellyn, Marketing Director at Superior Beverage

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