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Upward Brand Interactions Creates "Sh*t People in Columbus Say" Video

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Feb 2012


The makings of a viral video — you just never know what is going to be a hit.

Last Friday we posted a fun, silly video we did as part of our weekly huddles at Upward Brand Interactions. Usually huddles involve talking about cool new digital campaigns we've seen, sites with features we love, brainstorming app ideas, or finding ways to connect ideas from packaging or environmental design into web design.

This video came out of an effort to get up and get moving instead of sitting around a table talking. We discovered that no one had yet made a video from the (yes, already passe) "Sh*t People Say" internet meme for our home city of Columbus, Ohio.

We also have some pretty darn funny people and a camera — why not, we figured?

Today, four days later, the video that had 56 views on Friday morning (us and our moms) has more than 12,000 views [Update: Six days later and we're up to more than 25,000 views] and more likes than dislikes. We've gotten notes from friends at the chamber, clients from all different industries, potential hires and even a few competitors, all with positive comments. And of course, like anything you post on the internet, we received some criticism as well.

Were we a little scared to put ourselves out there? Of course, we're people. Were we careful in what made it past the cutting room floor? Of course, we put our company's name on it.

What did it teach us that we can use when we counsel clients who want to really get out there online?

  1. Remember that it is never easy to put yourself, your ideas and your company online for all to see and comment on. We do it every day for clients and that sensitivity is easy to forget.
  2. Find a reason to use your in-house talent to do something extraordinary, maybe for no better reason than the fact that you can. You never know who will be interested.
  3. Sharing corporate culture (even if it's a little wacky) can be a good thing.

We wrote the script over lunch, so we certainly left some things out. Columbus folks, what did we forget?

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