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Featured Site: Dayton Public Schools New District Website

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May 2010


Upward Brand Interactions just launched the new website for the Dayton Public Schools, serving the city of Dayton and the community with a modern, easily navigable and clearly branded site. The launch is the culmination of a great partnership with the district's Office of Public Information. This advanced web system that covers the entire district, and will grow to encompass every school and department in the district.

Key Features:

High level of customization and targeted key messaging spaces


The site serves a dual purpose of informing the public and marketing district initiatives.Each section of the site has available free space for in-house "adlets," that can promote important dates, share key information and engage various audiences with additional information directly relevant to that site section. For example, the Human Resources department can customize a sidebar ad to promote new job openings, and link directly to the online application for that job. The deep marketing focus throughout the site will keep it flexible and focused on the multiple audiences the district serves, from internal (staff, board members) to external (parents, students, media, community advocates, etc.).

Live Maps and Profiles



While each school will eventually have its own home page, the district site represents all schools and wanted to make key information readily available. School profile pages feature maps to each school in the district, with the ability to generate driving directions to or from the school locations. Contact information for school main offices and principals is readily available.

News Alert Banner with Toggle On/Off Feature

When urgent information needs to be quickly disseminated throughout the district, the DPS staff can toggle "on" a brightly-colored banner alerting any site visitors to this immediate announcement. This could include alerts for snow days, late starts or other crisis response info.

Interactive calendar

The advanced calendaring system serves the entire district with advanced filters by type of event, including items on the academic, athletic and other categories. The system administrators will have the ability to push important events and deadlines out to calendars at schools throughout the district, helping ensure a high level of accuracy and detail across multiple sites and calendars. Calendar contributors at the non-administrative level will be able to publish calendar events and the district can choose to approve and post them to the district calendar, or ignore the event if it is not relevant to the rest of the district.


We love when our clients are as excited about a new site as we are. Our fabulous client from the Dayton Public Schools had this to say about the new site:

"It's sappy, but sometimes I get a little choked up when I see this new site 'blossom' before my eyes. This project means so much to me, and I'm so grateful that we are able to work with Upward Brand Interactions to bring it about. Thanks again," Melissa Fowler, DPS Communications Specialist, in an e-mail to Upward Brand Interactions staff.

Upward Brand Interactions will continue to work with the school district in the coming months to build out individual school sites.

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