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Two Words Every b2b Website Should be Saying

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: Interactive , B2B

Jun 2014


Call Me!

If you are responsible for your b2b website, you probably need leads. How many leads do you need? More. When looking to boost your inbound leads, there are a few fairly simple changes that can make a substantial impact. Today we're going to talk about one such change: getting comfortable with the phrase "Call Me". Aside from the obvious positive impact in the singles scene, this phrase has equal potential in the business world.

In the industrial/b2b space,  your visitor has complicated questions regarding your products or services. They have little faith that their concerns can be adequately represented in a fill-out form, so they want to talk to someone. Make it easy, and more importantly, show that you WANT the visitor to call you.

We use the acronym BAPN to represent a fairly obvious but often overlooked feature: Big A** Phone Number! A more proper way of expressing this could be PPN (or prominent phone number) but it doesn't bring the shock value, so we work blue.

Take a look at your website right now. Do you have a BIG phone number? Is it positioned in a way to encourage a call? Fear not, there may be a fairly easy fix.

Start with adding your phone number to your main homepage image. This will allow you to test whether the phone number creates an uptick in leads without making any complicated website changes.

Using our What, Why, How, When, model, put the "What" at the top of the image, and the number directly below it. This says "We make this bold claim" and "Here is how you can learn whether it applies to you". Now, put the "When" in there as well. When? Now!

Here is an example:

We Can Increase Your Line Speed by 35%
Call Now To Speak with an Engineer: 888-888-8888

Give this a try, we find that in most cases you start seeing an increase in calls almost immediately.

The most important thing to remember is that these types of changes are easy to over-complicate. Don't get caught up in too much long-term planning, just make a change to an image and measure. Once you see results you can start figuring out what it will take to change the way you approach your phone number site-wide.

Best of luck with your lead generation efforts, and go get em!

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