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Finding Familiarity in the Search World - 3 Simple Tips for Your Adwords Campaign

WRITTEN by: Jared Graves |
categories: SEO

Mar 2014


Not too long ago the world of Search Marketing, SEO and PPC were all a mystery. Adjusting to the new environment and working with the tools and platforms was a bit overwhelming. I met this challenge by pulling from my experience with strategy and tactic games.

Growing up we had the standard games, but rolling a die or drawing a card to see who could move around a board quicker never really appealed to me. At age 9, I was taught how to play Axis & Allies, which is a WWII-based strategy game. I caught on fairly quickly, and I enjoyed the challenge of learning all the aspects of the game. In the same way, I’ve enjoyed the process of learning the various dimensions of search marketing and picking up the new versions and editions of this game.

Now, with a little more than a year of exposure, I have had the opportunity to digest a large portion of search, but there is always a new problem to solve, a new trend to learn or a new tactic to try. The biggest appeal to me in the Search Marketing arena is PPC campaigns. While PPC does not bring long-term value, I appreciate the data and instant results that it provides. I like being able to quickly confirm what works and what does not, while continuously tweaking settings and trying new tactics. Much like the game I grew up with, platforms like Google Adwords are always rolling out new editions or changing the rule book.

With that in mind here are three simple tactics for you to try to get more out of your Adwords Campaign in 2014.

  1. Ad Extensions- In October of last year, Google changed the rulebook and updated their Ad Rank Formula for Adwords. If you are not using ad extensions, you might be missing some big opportunities, and – even worse – you may be helping your competitors. It’s more than just a nice option to try, it’s a vital tool to add to your campaign.
  2. Mobile Ads- Almost 50% of mobile phone users now use their phones as their primary Internet source.  It’s time to embrace the increasing importance of mobile marketing. After the roll out of Enhanced Campaigns last year, ads have become smarter. Try adding mobile optimized ads. Try different variations of your ad copy and call to action and see how they appear on a mobile device. If you were using your mobile device to find information, what would you want to see? Start there, and keep it simple.
  3. Tracking- Make sure you can properly track leads. I actually read an article a couple months ago that mentioned only 20% of marketing decisions are based on validated test results. I was shocked. Get out of the 80%. Establish goals in Google Analytics. Set up phone tracking. If recordings are available, take advantage of that data. In addition to having the opportunity to qualify leads, you may identify issues in your sales process or gain valuable insights into the language your customers are using. Know your customers so you can reach them and engage them.

Not every strategy and tactic will be a winner for your campaign, but the three above tips should help bring you closer to your goals. If you would like to learn more about SEO or see what we can do for you, contact Upward Brand Interactions today.

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