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Google Now Showing Bulleted Lists in Snippets

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: SEO

Sep 2011


Google is apparently rolling out a new feature in their listings format - bulleted lists. This is yet another way for Google to highlight "top" results, thus pushing the competing sites even lower on the page.

The one issue I see with this new feature is on the technical side - it seems to be more effective when you use tables to layout your data. This would make the feature about 9 years too late. Most sites moved away from using tables for lists long, LONG ago in favor of semantic markup (such as the "list" tag for example).

One cool feature is that Google shows the number of elements found in the snippet above the bullet list. This means that you can have a quick clue regarding how many items the site may have that match your search.

We'll keep an eye out for examples where Google is using proper schema elements to create bulleted lists and update this post if we find anything new.

From their blog:

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