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Remarketing De-mystified

WRITTEN by: Bill Sterzenbach |
categories: SEO

Sep 2011


Google's remarketing (or retargeting) program is essentially a way to "pursue"  visitors to your site via Google's display ad network. Look at it as similar to custom deals on the back of your receipt at the grocery based on products purchased.

What is it?

Remarketing says "if this person visited this page (or any page if you wish) on my site, show my ad to them on any Google display ad partner site (such as or about a million other content publishers out there). The idea here is that they will see your ad MUCH more if you are participating in the remarketing program.


How do You Use Remarketing?

It's an option in your campaign setup. You setup the campaign in Adwords and add a bit of code to your pages, and you're set. One note - PLEASE turn OFF remarketing once a visitor reaches an objective on your site such as a login or purchase. It's a waste of your money and their time to continue remarketing the same products and services if they have already purchased them.

Try it now - free!

Give me a call - we can chat and if your goals look to be a fit for remarketing I'll set you up with a $100 Adwords coupon (supply is limited of course) and help you to setup a remarketing campaign. It's pretty fun and you might find out that you actually enjoy running the campaigns. You can reach me at 937-206-3920.

Good luck and check back often for more tips!

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