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Why Healthcare Marketers Should Be the Best Storytellers in the World

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Jul 2011


Too often, though, a knee-jerk marketing approach leads healthcare providers to tout their processes, procedures and technology at the expense of really connecting with their audience. As we think about how to create content that engages people, captures interest and creates understanding, we shouldn’t underestimate the value in simply telling our organizations’ stories. Why are stories such powerful tools? A few reasons:

They’re memorable.

Can you remember a story you heard when you were young? Of course. Can you remember a statistic you may have read in the last week or month? Maybe not. Stories are sticky and maintain a firm grip on our memory.

They focus on people.

Instead of communicating through abstract concepts, stories use characters and action to convey an idea.

They convey emotion.

Stories can capture people on a deeper, emotional level to impart an idea in more subtle terms than facts or figures can. When all is said and done, what patients want most is to know that life will get better. And what referring doctors want is to know is that their patients will receive the best care from people who will care about them. Every day, health care organizations give people hope, life and relief. This is the best kind of story, and the kind we should be sharing.

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